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Work Experience Placements: Guidance for 2013

As part of the curriculum and future training for the world of work, students are encouraged to find their own Work Experience Placements. By law all our Work Experience Placements have to have Insurance, Health & Safety checks by Walsall Education Business Partnership paid for by Joseph Leckie for each student. No student can attend a placement which has not been passed by Walsall EBP.

1. Researching a placement

Find a placement by either;

1. Logging on to Walsall EBP Database (See log on database)

2. Accessing yell.com for a wider range of companies.

3. Using family and friends’ contacts and completing a Work Experience Placement Form. (Attach Word form)

2. Applying for a Placement

Having chosen two possible placements, you can either;

1. Write your own letter

2. Use the Work Experience
template letter
(Click for Word template)            

Please give your letters to your Form Tutor for checking then pass to Mrs Gibbins who will post them for you.

3. Processing a Placement

When you receive a written confirmation from an employer or a completed Work Experience Placement Form,  return these documents  to Mrs Clewes/Mrs Gibbins.  Your placement details will then be sent to Walsall EBP (see step 4)

4. Insurance, Health & Safety checks (Walsall EBP)

The EBP will check that the placement provider has the correct documents and can provide a safe environment for a student.

Please discuss any placements outside Walsall with us first. They are more difficult to check and may cost in excess of £40 to process. Joseph Leckie is not able to cover this cost which would have to be paid by Parents/Guardians.

If students have any problems or parents/guardians have any concerns, then please contact Mrs Clewes/Mrs Gibbins.

Useful information for Parents/Guardian and Students – Work Experience Monday 14th October – Friday 18th October 2013

1. All students have been given a Work Experience letter and Consent Form which need to be returned by 14th December 2012

2. All students will be given access to the EBP Work Experience Database. This site can also be accessed on a home computer.

3. All students need to write at least two letters to a possible placement provider as soon as possible. Do not leave this to last minute as placements become full. Students please do not write to same placement as your friend as some placements only take one student at a time.

4. All students must inform Mrs Clewes/Mrs Gibbins when they have a confirmed placement.

5. All placement information will be sent to the EBP for checking. All paperwork has to be completed for the EBP by the end of June 2013. Do not leave this to last minute as we can get charged extra for late Health and Safety checks.

6. All placement providers will be informed of any medical and any learning difficulties relating to our students.

7. All parents/guardians will be notified of confirmation of placement which will include contact name, contact telephone and address of placement. All students will attend a Preliminary Visit (unless not required by placement but parents/guardians will be notified) on Wednesday 25th September 2013 at 2.00 pm.

8. All students will be briefed prior to attending their Work Experience about what is expected of them i.e. punctuality, behaviour and clothing (some placement may require safety footwear i.e. garages).

9. All students will receive a Work Experience Diary which MUST be completed and returned to the Academy.

10. All students who successfully complete their Work Experience and hand in their diary will receive a Work Experience Certificate to add to their Careers Portfolio.