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Sports Day 2016

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Our annual Sports Day was held this year on the 21st June at Wyndley Stadium in Sutton Coldfield. Approximately 130 students from across years 7-10 took part in the event representing the four houses; Hercules, Orion, Perseus and Zodiac. During the day records were broken and many ‘Personal Bests’ were set.

Various athletics events including sprints, jumps and throws have been the focus of PE classes since the Easter break. Pupils trained and were coached by the PE staff, the sole objective – being in the top eight in their year group and house allowing them to qualify for Sports Day.

It proved to be an incredibly busy day but thanks to the work of the PE department, teaching staff that assisted, students who were excellent in their participation and the pleasant weather, the day was certainly deemed a success. From the beginning of the day it was obvious that the competitive spirit was present in all the athletes, in particular the year 10 boys!!!.



The year 7 and 8’s ran as a team competition with students winning points based on the positions they achieved in their track and field events. The year 9 and 10 competition was based on a triathlon theme where all entrants had to take part in 3 events. Times and distances achieved were compared to English Schools Athletics Results and points awarded based on their achievements. The maximum points each individual could score is 30 points.

First places and gold medals were awarded to Ridwan Husen, Kian Hale and Bethany Eaton in Year 7. Nafis Nidzamuddin and Michaela Kellar in Year 8. Rithick Sirpal and Muminah Rani in Year 9. The stiff competition in Year 10 saw four students achieving the highest score of 30 points. The students are; Stephen Beck, Prince Akinpelu, Prince Kunaka and Emmanuel Mavurayi. Latoya Palmer won 1st place for the Year 10 girls.


Once all of the points had been collated the House results were as follows;
1st  - Zodiac (633 points)
2nd - Hercules (619 points)
3rd  - Orion (488 points)
4th - Perseus (444 points)


Well done to Zodiac house for winning the Sports Day shield for the fourth year in a row!!!
Overall Sports Day was the perfect day and really promoted all that is good about sport at Joseph Leckie Academy. The weather was good and though the expectation was high, the skill, determination and most importantly enjoyment made it a day to remember. The skill of these young athletes is something to look forward to for future events, in particular the upcoming Walsall Schools Athletics Championships on the 7th July.


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