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Joseph Leckie Academy KS4 Curriculum

English GCSE Geography GCSE

Key Stage 4 is an important time in your child’s life. It is when they will make important choices which will shape their future. Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all students can succeed whatever their abilities and strengths.

At the end of Year 8 students will be directed to one of our three Key Stage 4 pathways. This will be based on their Key Stage 2 attainment along with their progress during Key Stage 3. All three pathways are designed so that students can achieve qualifications which will allow them to progress to further/higher education or employment. You can be assured that the Academy will place them on the most appropriate pathway for them to succeed.
All three pathways offer the opportunity to follow a core curriculum, alongside up to three optional subjects in which they have an ability, talent or interest. We would like you to discuss these choices with your child to ensure they are the correct ones. Changes are difficult to make at a later date as this will affect their progress.

You will receive a letter along with this options booklet indicating the pathway we believe is the most appropriate one for your child and indicating the options available in this pathway. Good reasons for making option choices are because students enjoy a subject, because students are good at it or because it will support their future career choice. It is also recommended that the options chosen provide a balanced range of subjects within the pathway in order to provide choice in future study. It is important that a subject is not chosen because a child likes the teacher as they may change next year. Choosing a subject to follow friends is also a bad idea as they may be in a different class.

Mathematics GCSE Graphic Products GCSE
Science GCSE History GCSE
Separate Sciences GCSE ICT OCR Level 2
Additional Science GCSE & BTEC Media Studies
Art and Design BTEC Music BTEC
Art GCSE Physical Education
Business Studies BTEC Product Design GCSE
Catering GCSE Psychology GCSE
Child Development Level 2 Religious Studies GCSE
Computer Science Sociology
Drama GCSE Sport Studies BTEC
Engineering BTEC Textiles GCSE
French GCSE  

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